Leave & Payroll Integration

Approved unpaid leaves are automatically calculated in the affected month’s payroll, removing the need for further payroll entries.

Leave Integrated to Payroll
Leave Calendar

Leave Calendar

Easily track employees’ leave dates with the help of the leave calendar, which can be sorted based on department and months. Know who is at work or who is not.

Other Leave Features

Customizable Leave Policies

Create your own leave types and configure their settings to fit your company leave polices.

Easy Leave Administration

Employees’ leave are tracked according to each one’s entitlement. Let employees apply leave on the free Android/IOS mobile apps.

Approval & Notification

Allow 2-level approval of leave, and every action of create, submit, approval or rejection will be notified via email.

Supporting Documents

Employees can attach any supporting documents when they are applying for their leave with a simple click of a button.

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