Smart Time Clocking (Geo-Fencing)

Mobile app on Android or IOS allows employees to clock-in from wherever; at project site or remote offices using geo-fenced locations. Supports next-day clock-out.

Timeclock Geo Fence Clocking
Timeclock Photo Verification Clocking

Photo Verification

At clocking in, the employees may be required to take a selfie-photo of themselves for further verification (if needed). These photos can be uploaded and stored in server for record.

Other Timeclock Clocking Features

Easy Installation

All your employees can download the app on AppStore or Google Play for free. Staffs can install and use it for immediate time-clocking.

Project/Job Tracking

Elect projects based on geo-fenced locations to minimize erroneous selections. Compute man-hours accurately for effective job tracking.

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