Benefits of Cloud Software

No need to be tied down to the office location. Be flexible to run your Payroll/HR department regardless where you are. Anytime and anywhere.

There is nothing to install at user side. Operate right out of any web browser on your desktop, laptop or even mobile devices. Easy-to-learn user interfaces helps user to learn the system within a short time.

We handle all the network and server cost. Zero hardware investment on your end while getting the best cloud computing. Pay as you use, upgrade as you grow - simply let our elastic cloud system scale as your needs increases.

With your data on the cloud, you don't need to worry about complicated updates, patches or machine upgrades. You are automatically working on the latest version of the software and there are no annual software updates to pay.

With pay-as-you-use model,you may adjust the budget up or down as employee count changes. Our cloud server will handle your payroll as efficiently whether it is 10 or 1000 employees.

Key data are secured with 256-bit military grade encryptions. Secured SSL transactions ensure personal data are protected. Cloud system also safeguard against internal data theft, especially those perpetrated by employees. We are more secured than most in-house system ever can be!

Cloud computing supports environmental sustaining activities by cutting down on paper waste and enhancing energy efficiency.

We do regular daily backups, and store your information across multiple servers, so your information will always be available.

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